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  1. The app, called 'DoubleTake' is tailored to Apples triple-camera system in the iPhone 11 and allows users to record and switch between two simultaneous devices through a single interface.
  2. Security experts reported more than 76 million compromised cards were available for purchase in the last six months of the year - three time more than what appeared in the first half.
  3. A new study of whale sharks around the Ningaloo Reef off the western coast of Australia has found that one in five has been injured in a collision with a commercial boat of some kind.
  4. Boris Johnson spoke to Donald Trump this afternoon as he tried to heal relations with the US after his decision to allow Huawei to help build the UK's 5G network sparked fury.
  5. The stickers, are currently being added to products in London, feature an 'expiry date' for the plastic and say 'plastic expiry date 14/01/2499 please recycle me'.
  6. Scientist used AI to map where nearly 13 million Americans will move once their coastal homes are under six-feet of water, with Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver and Las Vegas as the top choices.
  7. NASA has revealed that it has partnered with a Houston-based startup called Axiom Space to send the first commercial space station into low orbit for a new generation of space tourists.
  8. Analysis of the tools found that they were formed in the same manner as those used by Neanderthals in eastern Europe, rather than those found elsewhere in Siberia.
  9. Avast, which claims to have more than 435 million users, has been using a subsidiary called Jumpshot to sell user data to companies including Google, Microsoft, Home Depot, Pepsi and more.
  10. With cases being reported in Henan, where the Zhengzhou Foxconn factory is based, the government may close factories to prevent contamination.
  11. The gases are seeping up from hydrocarbon deposits in the Gulfs of Suez and Aquaba then mixing with fumes from shipping traffic in the region.
  12. Fact-checkers have identifies multiple false posts and the Silicon Valley tech firms are battling to stop such claims from spreading to avoid mass hysteria
  13. The so-called doomsday glacier in Western Antarctica called Thwaites glacier is the size of Britain and is known to be melting at an alarming rate.
  14. Students at the University of Missouri are now required to download the app Spotter, which uses sensors and WiFi to track when they enter or leave a classroom, but claims not to follow them on campus.
  15. Andy Kyle, 63, found a dead dolphin washed up in the harbour at Kingswear, near Dartmouth, Devon on Saturday. The next day a pod of 'at least' 20 of the mammals were seen swimming in the harbour.

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