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  1. Facial recognition search engine PimEyes continues to expand its breath, now using more than 900 million images from around the web for a reverse image search.
  2. Scientists identified two million acres of land that stretches through Arizona and New Mexico that could be a sustainable habitat for up to 150 jaguars, which once roamed the territory before disappearing.
  3. Online detectives claimed to have found Joe Biden's secret Venmo account on Friday, saying they also found his network of relatives, friends and allies within 10 minutes.
  4. The species was thought to have permanently vanished from India after it had not been sighted for 10 years. Now, London Zoo has released five hatchlings back in the wild in the country.
  5. Plutonium-244, one of the rarest elements on Earth, has been recently found more than 5,000ft under the Pacific Ocean. It dates back millions of years, leaving experts perplexed how it got there.
  6. Two-thirds of Americans believe that aliens exists, according to a CBS News poll conducted March 23-28. Seventy-three percent of respondents believe the government knows more than it is letting on.
  7. Beijing's space agency has announced its its Zhurong rover, currently strapped to the Tianwen-1 orbiter, on Mars 'in the next five days 'as part of the country's first interplanetary mission.
  8. The implant would contain engineered cells that produce the same peptides the body makes to regulate sleep cycles, which would help the user stay asleep or recover in less time if disturbed.
  9. Female sweet lovers can better detect the internal state of their body - including whether or not they're full, according to new research from the University of Sussex.
  10. A review into the benefits of various levels of physical activity by an expert from the University of Hertfordshire found that the classic goal might be overkill.
  11. Marketing agency Ilk has calculated the distance, which is 52 miles. To illustrate the total, the Leeds firm has created a free interactive online simulator called Thumb Run.
  12. Having bizarre, psychedelic dreams is akin to adding random data to a neural network to make sure it doesn't 'overfit' to a particular dataset, argues Erik Hoel at Tufts University.
  13. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Experts in Tokyo have demonstrated that mice, rats and pigs can take in oxygen delivered by means of a special liquid enema.
  14. Experts say tiny, ultralight particles make up dark matter and they believe a coin-sized accelerometer with a thin mirror could detect them by measuring vibrations as they bounce off two different surfaces.
  15. The Winchombe meteorite fell to Earth in spectacular fashion in February, crash landing in the Cotswolds and sparking a frantic search effort.

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