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  1. In a blog post, Google revealed its new Android title, adding that the transition from naming subsequent versions after desserts is motivated by one major factor: confusion.
  2. Scientists have harvested 10 oocytes from northern white rhinos Najin, 30, and Fatu, 19, who live at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. The eggs were flown to a laboratory in Italy.
  3. The Rolling Stones said they were deeply honoured by Nasa's decision to name a rock on Mars after the band, describing it as 'a milestone in our long and eventful history.'
  4. The ongoing study at the University of Kiel in Germany may make the cows look borderline ridiculous but it is a crucial step in mitigating the ongoing climate crisis.
  5. Experts at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York are using gene editing tool CRISPR to alter a string of human genetic code which is known to increase the risk of developing some cancers.
  6. It was thought to be condemned to the history books in the 1960s when a Spanish general ordered the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Peraleda de la Mata, near Cáceres in Extremadura.
  7. Male and female 'cones' have emerged on a cliff-edge on the Isle of Wight. It is the first known example of cyads blooming outside a greenhouse in UK history.
  8. Artificial intelligence inside helps the robot, developed by Imperial College of London, learn about a patient. It can detect when they are struggling to move and step in to assist.
  9. The concept, led by architect Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha, was presented at the Association of Siamese Architects' annual competition, earlier this month.
  10. Independent game developer Wave Studios announced the free-to-play, Brexit-themed Battle Royale at the 2019 Gamescon, which was held in Cologne, Germany, from August 20-24.
  11. Scientists analysed the health of a group of people in Czech Republic - some of whom owned a pet. Dog owners had the lowest risk for poor cardiovascular health, according to the findings.
  12. The sacred Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca may be threatened by climate change, a new study has found. Researchers at MIT found climate change will make it unbearably humid and hot.
  13. Geochemists at the University of Chicago used NASA software to model the likely conditions on different types of exoplanet - in particular, their climates and potential ocean habitats.
  14. The company will sell three different models according to Electrek, including two that require riders to step over a center piece and one with a dropped middle piece that is easier to mount.
  15. Researchers from the US and UK examined the responses of 500 young adults - including dog and cat owners, and people with no pets - when faced with different types of vocalizations.

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